Having made his debut at only 16 years of age for Cardiff City, Aaron Ramsey was a key part of the youth movement at Arsenal. His arrival under Arsene Wenger quickly seen him evolve into a regular starter for the first-team. Though injuries have often slowed and derailed his progress, though, Ramsey has made good on a career of immense promise. However, his time at Juventus has been broadly frustrating with managerial change, systemic adjustment, injury, and inconsistent form keeping him out of the team regularly.

This has seen the midfielder lose his position in the Juventus midfield. Despite having a massive contract and with some time to go, it is believed that Juventus are keen to sell for a fee as small as £10m. With Arsenal re-linked as well as Liverpool and Manchester United, Ramsey could find himself with a pick of the clubs to come back to in the UK should his time in Italy come to a likely end.

Despite impressing intermittently in the black and white of Juve, regular gametime and consistent returns on the pitch have been rare, leaving both club and player searching for a more permanent solution.

Will Aaron Ramsey return to the UK?

It is the most likely destination. While a move to Germany was theoretically discussed, it is believed that his high wages would put off all but FC Bayern. And with the player approaching a key part of his maturity, and Bayern in the process of lessening the age of the side, Ramsey could definitely return to the UK. He is probably out of the reach of many other clubs who he would consider, whilst English football offers a return to his natural habitat and the chance to retain much of his massive contract at Juve.

However, for Ramsey, the cut-price £10m asking fee could also help to open doors that might have been otherwise closed. The likes of Chelsea and Manchester City could, midfield numbers dependant, make a move for the player. Meanwhile, other clubs such as Leicester City or (potentially) newly-moneyed Newcastle United could offer a return to the Premier League and promise regular first-team football.

Having left English football as a goal scoring midfielder with a wonderful craft, Ramsey might find himself returning to England having to prove it all over again. With his vast experience, though, Ramsey could almost certainly offer anyone in England a reliable, consistent midfield presence who can play to a very high standard when fit.

Signed as a long-term part of the Juve jigsaw, Ramsey might find himself changing tact entirely with the summer expected to offer him a chance for a new start.

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